Natalya Rastoropnova

General Director

“Comfort at work is created by her magical hands. How she makes it possible is amystery behind seven locks”. 


The year 1998, the last millennium. Before normal cellular communication, in the height of the crisis, a young sophomore opens a company with 1 table and 1 computer… The rest is history. The person who easily could have gone abroad, but has remained in Kazakhstan because she loves her country. The person who cares. She’s built a wonderful business with many remarkable projects.

If you are not our client yet, it means she has been distracted for someone else. Natalya is an inexhaustible source of energy – a person spending on airplanes more time than on the ground. A tremendous memory for numbers – she holds in mind hundred phone numbers.


Natalya Igorevna Rastoropnova – a person whose last name speaks for itself.

Sergey Tsoy

Video Supervisor

“Another good example of Tsoy and Kino coupled together for a great result!” 

Strict but fair, laconic and always  busy, Sergey knows his trade from A to Z and expects the same from others. His calmness at work is transferred to the entire team – when Sergey is in da House, rest assured an excellent result is inevitable. He’s been at SLED Production House since its foundation.